Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Beginnings

It's been a while since I last posted here. I was so excited about my new ventures months ago, but Life overtook my plans.

My father was soon hospitalized on January 16 and stayed there until he died on Feb. 20. A day after his funeral on Feb. 25, I flew to Atlanta, Georgia, to take care of my mom who has also been hospitalized since January 29. She passed on on March 10.

Needless to say, I couldn't anymore give to my budding affiliate marketing endeavors the attention, time and energy they deserved. And because I didn't want to be continually paying for them while I wasn't attending to them (at that time, I couldn't see my self getting back to them for at least 6 months), I stopped my maintenance (the site, my PIPS subscription, as well as the IAHBE and other membership fees) of these endeavors.

I still want to earn income by providing value to others in the Net, though.

I still have my notes and downloaded materials from those initial endeavors and I plan to review and study them and further discern and decide whether I want to pursue them again, or not, or in some other way.

Right now, I just want to earn extra income without having to think about it too much. My energies are still too low for such a full time focused endeavor and I have my day work and commitments (teaching, research, creative writing) which are my priorities right now.

Well, what do you know-- once you clearly express a need, a stand, the Universe promptly assists! : )

I just want to earn extra income without having to think about it too much.

So, just today, I got this invitation from a cousin who's already been part of this and has received payment for it:

I promptly signed up too and took the first surveys available, and have now earned a total of $27.00 in all.

Their minimum payout amount is $75.00 (either via USPS if one resides in the US, or via Paypal if one resides outside the US), and it doesn't seem too far off now.

Besides, I've taken paid or rewards surveys before and am still on with 3 of them actually (have earned but haven't redeemed my rewards earnings yet), but this A. W. Survey site is by far the easiest and breeziest for me.

I'm sticking by them, I've decided. At least, I will see what happens next, especially when I'm eligible for payout.

For sure, I will post an update here by then.

For those like me who just want to earn extra income right now, as well as drive the future of the Internet by expressing their thoughts and opinions on paid surveys like this, and not really to invest one's self, time, attention and money fulltime to an online business yet (or ever)-- you might want to test A. W. Surveys now and earn your first $25 or so.

Enjoy, and abundant blessings! ; )