Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Little SEO Triumph -- Yippee!!!

Yippee! I'm starting to finally get the hang of search-engine optimization (SEO) for creating website (home page, at least) copy!!!

Type "children's books with life lessons" or "kids' books with life lessons" into Google Search and my author's blog and author's sites are there listed in the top ten search results! : ) (Funny, though, that the author's blog and site were not my originally intended business/for-profit sites. Heehee. But I guess, the love and passion for the work had a bigger pull on me.)

Now, to stay there by growing and maintaining huge traffic and page rank is another matter.

I'm just proud of my self that I'm making headway into this stuff somehow.

More to say on more traps and tips in my next posts.

Right now, I just want to claim some bragging rights for my self. Nice, sweet carrot for all the studying and working on keyword search and writing and rewriting and tweaking I did in the past four weeks!

HUGGGGGGGGGssss to me!!! : )

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